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Women's Scarves,  Shawls, Pashminas, pure silk scarves, wool scarves, printed long scarves, cotton,  linen, velvet, floral animal prints, fairtrade.

Attractive Scarves Shawls and Pashminas, in a range of colours styles and materials

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Brand: York Scarves
Abstract Scarf Choco, a handmade cotton mix scarf.This long scarf has a light chocolate base colour with an abstract design in purple.  It was handmade in India from a light cotton and viscose material and is finished with a fringe.Material of scarf: 50% cotton & 50% viscose.Design: ChocoTh..
Women's Abstract Long Scarf in Cream, Coral and Grey. Attractive cream based soft, long scarf overprinted in abstract shapes in shades of coral, cream, pale and dark grey, which suits so many outfits. The long scarf is approximately 100cms x 180cms. in length. 100% Polyester..
Abstract Silk Square with Tassels - a pure silk square scarf in an abstract design with shades of steel grey, pink and pale mauve with touches of black and finished on each corner with lilac coloured tassels. This is an attractive pure silk scarf, which is beautiful to touch. Handmade in India ..
Brand: York Scarves
Animal Print Pashmina Leopard.These pashminas are made from a very soft yarn giving them a lovely softness to the touch.The timeless and ever popular animal print design. Warm scarf for winter and, for Summer, it is perfect as a wrap / shawl for the cooler evening.  This pashmina has a soft cre..
Birdy Border Silk Chiffon Scarf Birdy Border Silk Chiffon Scarf
Top Brand
Birdy Border Silk Chiffon Scarf, is long, light and lovely.The scarf is decorated in a delicate mix of colours in the Collier Campbell iconic bird design, which is based on one of the company's vintage designs.Although light the scarf is warm and, being made in a luxurious silk chiffon, it is a..
Attractive black and white long scarf with an abstract design.The design moves from black spot-like shapes at the centre of the scarf, which change to extended curved line forms as the design moves outwards, and then to blocks of black at the ends.   This monochrome scarf is made from Poly..
Blur Large Multi colour Scarf by QuintessentialA lovely richly coloured large tasselled scarf which is has a unique hand drawn design created with watercolours.A gorgeous scarf with multi colours of rich yellows, green, soft and inky blue, and red, finished with yellow tassels. Materi..
Burgundy Dark Blue Black Giant Wave Scarf - A heavier weight, large, warm and soft scarf for winter days.The scarf has a contrasting chevron design of burgundy, dark blue and black. Being long, there is plenty of scarf to wrap around and snuggle into on those chilly days.The scarves are ap..
Butterflies Silk Scarf, Navy - pure silk scarf overlaid with a butterfly design with magenta, purple and turquoise tones.These large silk scarves are very lovely, soft and with rich colours.They can be tied in many attractive ways and make a beautiful addition to any outfit.Material of scarf: 100% p..
Brand: York Scarves
This colourful chunky, textured scarf is handmade from a BAFTS registered fair trade supplier. The scarf has rich tones of red, purple, dark peacock blue and green and is finished with a fringe.Material of Scarf: 100% ViscoseSize of Scarf: 160cms x 50cms Weight of scarf: 110gms..
An attractive printed snood in a soft polyester.  The snood, which gives a lovely finish to an outfit, has soft tones of moss green, coral, mauve, mustard and a light cream.Material of Snood: polyester.Size of Snood: 80 x 100cms..
Brand: York Scarves
This Cotton Peach Grey Pom Pom Scarf is made from a light weight cotton in a hand dyed peach and warm grey.It is finished with hand made pom pom tassels.The material of the scarf is 100% cotton.Size of scarf: 50cms x 180cmsWeight: approximately 80gms.The scarf is supplied by a BAFTS registered ..
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