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Women's Necklaces and Pendants

Silver Necklaces and Pendants with gemstone settings 

Amethysts, Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Garnets, Black Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz

Brand: Karolina BiK
Algae Silver Gold Plated Ball Necklace  -  each of these attractive, textured, 22k gold plated silver necklaces are handmade to order by designer Karolina Bik and thus are special and unique and may vary very slightly from the image. The necklace is the form of overlapping strand..
Brand: Amanda
Amanda Black and Gold Necklace - A very different necklace or neck decoration, this is one which is in a black and gold speciality yarn and was knitted by hand in Wales.The necklace is an interplay of black and gold coloured threads with small pieces of iridescent colour like small jewels, which inc..
Brand: Amanda
Amanda Multi-coloured Necklace - Now for a very different necklace or neck decoration, one which is richly coloured and hand knitted in Wales.The necklace, made from a speciality yarn, is an interplay of coloured threads with small pieces of iridescent colour like small jewels, including reds, ..
Amber & Brown Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Necklace.Intertwined cords on this necklace open to 8 separate strands.Different sizes of freshwater pearls, dyed to ambers, soft yellow/orange and green, interspersed with small, shining, amber / brown crystal glass beads.The necklace length is: 80cm..
Brand: Silver Amber
Amber & Silver Necklace - a delicate silver necklace set with three amber stones.A silver chain supports four twisted slender silver bars, which separate 3 Baltic Cognac Amber balls overlaid by silver threads.This necklace was made by skilled artisans in Northern Poland, manufacturers certified ..
Amethyst Sterling Silver Necklace - A Sterling Silver Chain Necklace set with 11 pear shaped Amethysts.Material of Necklace: Sterling SilverStones set into Necklace: Purple AmethystsNecklace Length: 42.50cms (17"). Width of Necklace: 15mm. Hallmark: 925...
Black & Gold Glass Crystal Necklace - a dramatic chunky Necklace set with Black & Gold Glass Crystal beads.The four strands of the necklace are composed of small faceted black glass beads changing to larger, petal shape black glass, with gold coloured edging, interspersed with smal..
£16.00 £29.00
Brand: White Leaf
Black Open Druzy Pendant - An unusual Black Open Druzy Pendant with a semi-precious Black Druzy stone and gold plate detailing.The druzy stone is dark grey/black with swirls of lighter tones of grey and rust colours.Length of necklace: (approx.) 46cm.Material of Necklace : Gold plating on base metal..
£9.50 £14.00
Black Silver Gold Seed Bead Necklace - A twelve stranded Necklace strung with shining silver, gold and black coloured seed beads.Necklace Length: 47.5cms (19") expanding to 55 cms (22")Material: Brass Clasp & ChainNecklace strung with: black and gold Seed Beads..
Blue Chalcedony White Howlite Beaded Silver Necklace - A sterling silver necklace set with striking Blue Chalcedony and White Howlite beads.To the front of the necklace are six lovely, blue veined Chalcedony beads separated by silver dividers - a larger one at the centre and small ball shaped forms ..
A striking silver necklace in an organic design by Banyan, set with 6 vibrant blue and white opalites.This crescent shaped necklace of silver, which is held by an adjustable silver chain, is the setting for 6 opalites of differing sizes.At the centre of the necklace is a large, round blue opalite, w..
Bronze Feather Pendant - A beautifully designed Feather Pendant by Aurum, which is fashioned in bronze.This pendant is in the form of 2 concave feathers interlinked to give an elliptical form, with a long bronze chain.Being made from bronze, the delicate lines, curves and spacing of the feather desi..
Carnelian and Pearl Silver Pendant - a very unusual pendant by designer Claire Hartley on which a cut carnelian is laid above a biwa pearl. The pendant looks beautiful when worn. Biwa pearls, which are lustrous and unusually shaped, are freshwater pearls found in Biwa pearl mussels. These are a..
Celtic Silver & Black Onyx Pendant - this lovely Sterling Silver pendant has a simplicity of design, which in a Celtic style, draws attention to the true beauty of the oval Black Onyx stone.Made in the Orkney Islands by Ortak. There are matching Black Onyx earrings.Dimensions of necklace: 17 x 4..
Chalcedony Silver Pendant - an attractive silver pendant set with a faceted cyan green chalcedony, held by a silver chain.The pendant is by Banyan and was designed and made in England.A variety of agate, chalcedony is a translucent stone considered sacred by Native American Indians. Chalcedony, whic..
An unusual, chunky necklace composed of many tube shaped blue glass beads with dipped gold coloured ends.On one side of the necklace the sapphire blue coloured beads are clear, on the other, overlapping, side the beads are opaque.The metal used on the necklace: ZincThe necklace is beaded With: Colou..
£12.00 £22.00
Citrine & Peridot Silver Pendant - An unusual pendant fashioned in silver, set with triangular faceted citrine stones and faceted square peridot stones. The pendant was designed and made in the UK Size of pendant: 49 x 20 x 4mm The pendant is supplied without a chain but please co..
A striking silver necklace in the form of a crescent of flowing silver with gold wire detailing on which are set faceted Blue Topaz and 4 sparkling white CZ stones. The necklace is held by a silver chain.Length of Necklace 370mm with 35mm extension chain.Stones set into Necklace: Blue Topaz & CZ..
Daisy Pendant in Sterling Silver - A pretty pendant composed of sterling silver wires curled into a double set of petals, with a central set of 7 tiny ball stamens, formed as a daisy-like flower.The pendant is supplied with a 50cms sterling silver chain.Material of Pendant: 925 Hallmarked Sterl..
An attractive long Double Freshwater Pearl Necklace with lovely pink lilac toned, barrel shaped, Freshwater Pearls, which can be worn long as a single strand or shorter double.A freshwater pearl necklace is so lovely to wear and is really rather special.Necklace Length: 115cms. (46")Pearl Width: 9 -..
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