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Silver Interlinked TUTTU Bracelet

Silver Interlinked TUTTU Bracelet
Silver Interlinked TUTTU Bracelet
Silver Interlinked TUTTU Bracelet
Silver Interlinked TUTTU Bracelet
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Silver Interlinked TUTTU Bracelet

This attractive Silver Interlinked TUTTU Bracelet a design inspired by the hooves of the Greenlandic reindeer.

Designed by Aurum Jewellery of Iceland.

The bracelet has jointed sections of alternating elongated triangular forms, the textured finish of which makes an attractive interplay of light and shade. 

"On the black and white textured surfaces you can detect a soft line which tells us a story about the reindeer's adventures"

Width of bracelet:  0.9 cms     

Size: 17.5 cms

Material: 925 Silver.   

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