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Silver Amber

Brand: Silver Amber
Amber & Silver Necklace.Delicate silver necklace set with three amber stones. A silver chain supports four twisted slender silver bars which separate 3 Baltic 'Cognac' Amber balls which are overlaid by silver threads. This necklace was made by skilled artisans in Northern Poland, manufacturers c..
Brand: Silver Amber
Very pretty Baltic Amber silver hook earrings, teardrop shaped. From the hook by the ear a silver strand widens to encircle the back of the Baltic Amber stone. At the front a silver strand elegantly curves from top to bottom, a shape which is echoed by an element of silver showing from one side..
Brand: Silver Amber
Baltic amber Silver Stud Earrings pear drop shaped. From the hook by the ear falls a silver droplet holding a link supporting a silver cap, which divides to encapsulate the Baltic Amber stone at the back of the earring to form two decorative curving strands at the front. Material of ..
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