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Women's Scarves,  Shawls, Pashminas, pure silk scarves, wool scarves, printed long scarves, cotton,  linen, velvet, floral animal prints, fairtrade.

Attractive Scarves Shawls and Pashminas, in a range of colours styles and materials

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An elegant grey based scarf with a leopard print in old gold and black tones.Size of scarf: Approximately 100 x 180cms.  Material of scarf: 100% polyester. Hand wash separately.Also comes with a red /rust base colour - item 92198...
A paisley and abstract design print scarf with shades of grey and a soft pink / grey at the centre.Sized of scarf: approx. 90 x 180 cms.  Material of scarf: 100% Polyester.  Hand wash separately...
Brand: York Scarves
This gorgeous custom dyed silk scarf is woven from a fine raw silk yarn in a traditional weaving area of Northern Thailand and dyed to an attractive soft grey. This is a perfect silk shawl for a formal summer event such as a wedding or ball, but it also brings a touch of luxury to everyday wear..
An elegant woven spot print scarf, with lighter and darker tones of grey and a touch of soft blue.This long scarf, made of 50% viscose and 50% acrylic, has a thickness and silky sheen.Also available in a purple, pink - 92428, the scarf is approximately 68 x 178cms. Hand wash..
This large hand painted, colourful, fair trade, scarf is a soft blend of silk and cotton. The principal colours of this scarf, which has an organic design of leaves and flowers, are black and lime green, with white, red and browns. Being hand painted, the individual designs are repeated rather ..
This large hand painted, colourful fair trade, scarf is a soft blend of silk and cotton.The principal colours of the scarf are red and black, with a purple, light blue, brown and white overlaid design. These scarves are produced by a small number of select artisans in Thailand.Being hand painte..
This large, hand woven, fair trade, silk scarf.The scarf is woven in panels of three colours.  The central panel is a chocolate brown which changes to a rich gold, then a pretty minky beige.  The scarf is finished with a brown fringe. This silk scarf has an attractive sheen and the in..
This large, hand woven, fair trade, silk scarf is produced by a women's co-operative in Eastern Thailand. The scarf is woven in panels of three, interlinking, colours.  The central panel is a soft brown which changes, with the introduction of a soft yellow/ green thread, to produce an olive ton..
A distinctive pure cotton scarf with a richly coloured hand painted tropical design.The base colour of the scarf is a dark grey on which glows a flower and leaf design in greens and turquoise, with a touch of pink.The scarf is finished with pink and gold tassels. Material of Scarf: 100% cottonS..
Hummingbird Silk Scarf, Black - a pure silk scarf in black with a colourful overlaid design of hummingbirds.A gorgeous, large silk scarf which can be tied in many attractive ways and is a lovely addition to any outfit.Material of scarf: 100% pure silkSize of scarf: Length: 172cms; Width: 110cms..
A gorgeous large soft viscose scarf, with a magenta and soft pink, turquoise, orange and dark blue.This scarf has an abstract design with blocks of a vibrant magenta pink, turquoise, soft pink, a rich orange and dark blue.This style of scarf is also available in mustard and purple from KIENA JEWELLE..
A gorgeous large soft viscose scarf, with rich purple and mustard.This scarf has an abstract design with blocks of rich purple, mustard gold, a pretty pale blue, grey and black.This style of scarf is also available in pink and turquoise from KIENA JEWELLERY. Size of scarf: 100cms x 200cmsMateri..
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