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Women's Scarves,  Shawls, Pashminas, pure silk scarves, wool scarves, printed long scarves, cotton,  linen, velvet, floral animal prints, fairtrade.

Attractive Scarves Shawls and Pashminas, in a range of colours styles and materials

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A very pretty Cotton Wild Flower Scarf, with a wild flower design, braided edges and finished with four blue tassels. This cotton scarf has a white base on which lays a multi-colour design of wild flowers and leaves. The colours include pink, purple, orange, yellow and red, but the main ..
Chinese inspired floral and motif design on a cross-hatch voile quality polyester scarf.  The scarf is in shades of blue and black on a pale cream background.The size of the scarf is approx. 90cms in width x 180cms in length.The scarf is 100% polyester..
Crimson Large Animal Print Scarf, a chic very light beige polyester scarf overprinted with a rich crimson red.The scarf is: 90cms in width x 180cms. in length.These reasonably priced polyester scarves from KIENA JEWELLERY collection are so comfortable to wear and come in a wide range ..
Colourful, pretty and very reasonably priced ditsy floral print scarf. This is a soft scarf which is very comfortable to wear.Red is the base colour on which there is a design of sprays of leaves and flowers in blue, orange, pink and an aquamarine tone.The scarf is approx. 90cms in width and x ..
Double Layer Cotton Viscose Scarf Shawl Double Layer Cotton Viscose Scarf Shawl
2-3 Days
Brand: York Scarves
This elegant Double Layer Cotton Viscose Scarf Shawl, is a blend of 2 very fine cotton and viscose pieces woven together at the centre. The scarf is open at the sides so to allow an interplay of colour and alternative styles of wear.   As a Winter scarf it is light..
A soft viscose snood with an attractive blue base overlaid with a leaf design and finished with a darker blue tassel.This snood is soft and warm and gives an elegant finish to an outfitMaterial of snood: 100% viscoseSize of snood: 100 x 160cms..
Floral Fantasy Silk Scarf Floral Fantasy Silk Scarf
Top Brand
Floral Fantasy Silk Scarf, a lovely floral design of a garden in bloom adorns this scarf by Collier Campbell.This long fine silk scarf is light and beautifully comfortable to wear and will bring colour to any outfit.Material of scarf: 100% silkSize of scarf: 50cms x 180cmsDry Clean OnlyWe would be v..
An attractive wide and richly coloured floral scarf, which is so comfortable to wear.The scarf has shades of orange, reds - crimson changing to dark red and purple/black, beige  and green.The scarf is approximately 100cms in width  x 180 cms. in length.Made of 100% Poly..
Brand: York Scarves
This attractive and colourful, bold floral print scarf is made from a soft combination of cotton and viscose.The design of  the scarf is a lovely bold interplay of  flowers in 'jaffa' orange and a soft pale blue.Size of scarf: 50cms wide  x 180cms in length.  The material from wh..
Geo Pure Silk Scarf Geo Pure Silk Scarf
Top Brand
Geo pure silk scarf, a design by Collier Campbell based on one of their vintage designs reflective of the geometric patterns of the Bauhaus movement.This beautifully light, Geo Pure Silk Scarf soft gorgeous silk scarf is printed on fine silk in vibrant colours of plum, gold, ..
Giant Wave Scarf Red A heavier weight, large, warm and soft scarf for winter days.Being long, there is plenty of scarf to wrap around and snuggle into on a cold day.The scarf has a contrasting chevron design of red, a gold / green and brown.There are scarves with a similar chevron design but in..
A long polyester scarf  with a dark green blue base colour overlaid with a floral design in beige, brown and red with a touch of light green.Size: approx. 90 x180cms100% polyester..
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