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Blue Topaz & Amethyst Silver Ring

A striking silver ring set with an oval faceted purple Amethyst in width and a large oval faceted Blue Topaz.

The ring is approximately 7mm in width.  

The strands of silver which give a fluid setting to the ring are interlinked at the front with 14K gold plated detail.

Width of Amethyst: approx 5mm & 4mm in depth

Width of Blue Topaz: approx 7mm, 5mm in depth

Width of ring at its widest: approx. 8mm

Normally available in sizes N to R.  Please specify ring size required when ordering.

This ring is one of the very distinctive and innovative items of jewellery, designed and made by Banyan in Devon. The jewellery, which is made in 925 sterling silver, is often detailed with gold, copper or brass and frequently decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. 

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