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Necklaces & Pendants

Women's Necklaces and Pendants

Silver Necklaces and Pendants with gemstone settings 

Amethysts, Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Garnets, Black Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz

Point Metal Necklace - A dramatic metal necklace in the form of a range of separate metal bars of increasing size, from the side to the centre, which are in gold colour with an overlay of black and are held by a chain. ..
Ex Tax:£12.50
Seed Beads Necklace, Gold & Black - A twelve stranded Black Silver Gold Seed Bead Necklace with shining silver, gold and black coloured seed beads.Necklace Length: 47.5cms (19") expanding to 55 cms (22")Material: Seed Beads, with Brass Clasp & Chain..
Ex Tax:£14.25
Seed Beads Necklace, Gold & Blue - A twelve stranded Blue and Gold Seed Bead Necklace with shining silver, gold and blue coloured seed beads.Necklace Length: 47.5cms (19") expanding to 55 cms (22")Material of Necklace: Seed Beads, with Brass Clasp & Chain..
Ex Tax:£14.00
Silver Freshwater Pearl Pendant.An attractive sterling silver pendant plated with pure silver and decorated with three freshwater pearls.The pendant is in the form of 3 irregular concave circular forms in decreasing size with a freshwater pearl, of complementary size, at the centre of each..
Ex Tax:£26.00
Silver Lily Pendant and Brooch - an unusual silver pendant in the form of a lily, which can also be used as a brooch and is part of the successful lily range of jewellery from Banyan.The lily of the pendant is in a concave form with gold plated 'stamens'.The pendant is supplied without a chain,..
Ex Tax:£49.75
Silver Mixed Stone Pendant - This unique Sterling Silver Pendant by designer, Claire Hartley, which is set with Citrine, Iolite, Peridot, Moonstone and Blue Topaz, is both distinctive and eye catching. Claire Hartley uses only quality semi-precious stones in her range of silver jewellery, ..
Ex Tax:£77.50
Silver Moonstone Pendant - A pretty silver pendant set with a faceted oval moonstone and surrounded by brass dots, which was designed by Banyan of Devon.The silver edging of the necklace is decorated with 3 brass dots to the top right of the moonstone and 3to the bottom left.The pendant is held..
Ex Tax:£51.99
Silver Necklace, Amethyst and Pearl - A very attractive flowing Green Amethyst & Pearl Silver Necklace, designed by Banyan of Devon.Differing sizes of silver threads fall, with overlaid 14k gold-fill detail, to end as droplets.Upon this organic weave of silver strands are set one large and two s..
Ex Tax:£198.00
Silver Necklace, Lava - A very distinctive necklace which, held by a snake silver chain, is formed by a silver design encapsulating a ball of dark grey, black lava.The necklace is part of the Fold Jewellery Collection from award winning Aurum of Iceland, which writes:"In this collection, we see the ..
Ex Tax:£107.00
Silver Pendant with Pear & Round Cut Cubic Zirconia - Attractive Sterling Silver Pendant decorated with CZ, (Cubic Zirconia) in pear and round forms.Material of Pendant: Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating. Width of Pendant: 12mm. Height: 33.5mmThe pendant is supplied with a..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Silver Pendant with Smoky Quartz & Citrine - A flowing silver pendant set with a Smoky Quartz and Citrine, with gold fill wire detail.This attractive pendant designed by Banyan, in the South West of England, is in their distinctive organic style.  It is set with a reversed faceted tear..
Ex Tax:£53.75
Silver Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace - A lovely silver necklace set with Swarovski crystal pearls from award winning Aurum of Iceland's SAND jewellery range.Suspended from the silver chain is a circle holding 3 silver chains of differing lengths, each of which supports a decorated concave "s..
Ex Tax:£118.00
Silver Tree Pendant - A circular sterling silver Pendant enclosing a design in the form of a tree, like the Tree of Life.An 18" sterling silver chain is supplied with the pendant.Material of pendant: 925 Sterling SilverDesign of pendant: Tree of LifeWidth of pendant: 32mmHeight of pendant: 43mm..
Ex Tax:£21.50
Sterling Silver Black Raindrop Pendant - A pendant fashioned in Sterling Silver set with Reconstructed Stones and Black Resin. Supplied with an 18" Sterling Silver chain.Width: 17mm.  Height:  35mm.  Front and back views of the Pendant are illustrated..
Ex Tax:£17.00
Sterling Silver Flower Pendant Freshwater Pearl Shell - An unusual and distinctive pendant, which is made from sterling silver, freshwater pearl and a colourful shell which shines attractively with blue, green and pink tones.Overlaying the convex front of the shell is a design of flowers a..
Ex Tax:£36.00
Sterling Silver Shell Pendant - this is an elegant long sterling silver pendant with a circle design and in a curved form, set with creamy coloured shell and held by a silver chain.Fashioned In sterling silver, this pendant is in the form of 9 interlinking circles of differing sizes, four of which a..
Ex Tax:£45.99
Sterling Silver Pendant Decorated with a Pear-shaped Smoky Quartz.This Sterling Silver Pendant pendant is plated with Rhodium for tarnish resistance.Width of pendant: 7mm.Height of pendant: 18mm    The pendant is supplied with an 18" Sterling Silver necklace...
Ex Tax:£17.25
Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Glass Pendant - A pretty pendant in Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystal Glass, which is held by a closely linked sterling silver chain.The pendant is decorated with small CZ (Cubic Zirconia) and finished with Swarovski Crystal Glass faceted stone in the colo..
Ex Tax:£27.50
Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant -  In this pendant, which is crafted in sterling silver, a circle encloses an attractive tree design in the Tree of Life form.An 18" sterling silver chain is supplied with the pendant.Material of pendant:  925 Sterling SilverDesign of pendant: ..
Ex Tax:£20.50
Sterling Silver Raindrop Pendant - this pendant is set with Reconstructed Stones and Turquoise Coloured Resin.Size of Pendant:  Width: 17mm.  Height:  35mm.  Front and back views of the Pendant shown. The same style of pendant is also available in black.The pendant is s..
Ex Tax:£16.00
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