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18k gold plated brass bracelet decorated with freshwater pearls and amethysts.Setting of bracelet: Bezel.   Width of bracelet: 9.50mm.  Length of bracelet: 18.75cm (7.52), expanding to 21.25cm (8.5") ..
Gold Plated Bracelet with Moonstone Smoky Quartz Gold Plated Bracelet with Moonstone Smoky Quartz
-25 %
18K Yellow Gold Plated Bracelet. Decorated with a Rainbow Moonstone & Smoky Quartz. The bracelet chain is decorated with a large opaque Rainbow Moonstone, which reflects a pretty blue / lilac light, and a small reddish brown Smoky Quartz stone. The width of the bracelet is 14mmBracelet Length:..
£12.75 £17.00
A pretty gold plated necklace with natural labradorite stones.Supplied with a presentation box...
A pretty gold plated necklace with rainbow quartz stones.Supplied with presentation box...
Gold Plated Semi-precious Gemstone Bracelet Gold Plated Semi-precious Gemstone Bracelet
-11 %
An attractive 18k Gold Plated Brass Bracelet decorated with Amethyst (Gemstone); Rose Quartz (Semi-Gemstone) and Lab-created light sky-blue Chalcedony.Width: 12mm. Diameter: 66mm..
£24.00 £26.99
A sterling silver bracelet decorated with 10 gorgeous soft Green Amethysts.The faceted amethysts held in sterling silver are joined by silver chain.  The bracelet is closed by a silver claw clasp.Lovely sterling silver bracelets, with slightly smaller stones and hence a narrower bracelet width ..
Attractive sterling silver hook earrings set with lovely soft green amethysts.The silver mounts, which hang from the silver hooks at the ear, hold faceted pale green amethyst stones which glint prettily in the light.Material of Earrings: Sterling SilverHallmark: 925Setting Type of Earring: BezelWidt..
A long polyester scarf  with a dark green blue base colour overlaid with a floral design in beige, brown and red with a touch of light green.Size: approx. 90 x180cms100% polyester..
A delicate sterling silver bracelet set with smooth green onyx stones.Silver chain links separate oval green onyx stones set in silver in this bracelet, which is closed by a claw clasp.Gemstone used in the bracelet: Green OnyxMaterial of Bracelet:  925 Hallmarked Sterling SilverSetting Type:&nb..
An elegant grey based scarf with a leopard print in old gold and black tones.Size of scarf: Approximately 100 x 180cms.  Material of scarf: 100% polyester. Hand wash separately.Also comes with a red /rust base colour - item 92198...
A paisley and abstract design print scarf with shades of grey and a soft pink / grey at the centre.Sized of scarf: approx. 90 x 180 cms.  Material of scarf: 100% Polyester.  Hand wash separately...
An elegant woven spot print patterned scarf, with lighter and darker tones of grey and a touch of soft blue.This long scarf, made of 50% viscose and 50% acrylic, has a thickness and silky sheen.Also available in a purple, pink - 92428, the scarf is approximately 68 x 178cms...
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