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Abstract Long Scarf in Cream Coral and Grey.Attractive cream based soft, long scarf overprinted in abstract shapes in shades of coral, cream, pale and dark grey, which suits so many outfits.The long scarf is approximately 100cms x 180cms. in length.100% Polyester..
£8.25 £12.00
Ex Tax:£8.25
Beige and Grey Long Scarf with Parisian Scenes - An attractive scarf with Parisian associated imagery, including the Eiffel Tower.The scarf has a pale creamy-beige base, which is overprinted in mid-grey.Size of Scarf: approx. 90 x 180cmsMaterial of scarves: Polyester. Hand wash separately...
Ex Tax:£6.50
Black and White Abstract Long Scarf - Attractive black and white long scarf with an abstract design.The design moves from black spot-like shapes at the centre of the scarf, which change to extended curved line forms as the design moves outwards, finally to blocks of black at the ends.This monoc..
£5.50 £9.50
Ex Tax:£5.50
Blue, Grey & Soft Yellow Chiffon Scarf - A light, long chiffon scarf with a spot and scroll design.The scarf is available in 2 colourways. The one illustrated is in shades of blue / grey and soft browns and yellow.Size of scarf: Approx: 90cms in width x 180cms in lengthThe scarf is 100% Pol..
Ex Tax:£6.50
Distinctive and bold long drop brushed gold and silver plated earrings.The earrings are in the form of two decorated convex circles, the upper silver plated, the lower, gold-plated...
£6.00 £9.00
Ex Tax:£6.00
Attractive brushed gold and silver plated hook earrings in the form of an outer silver ring with an inner gold tree design, both of which move independently...
£6.25 £10.25
Ex Tax:£6.25
Colourful, pretty and very reasonably priced ditsy floral print scarf.This is a soft scarf which is very comfortable to wear.Red is the base colour on which there is a design of sprays of leaves and flowers in blue, orange, pink and an aquamarine tone.The scarf is approx. 90cms in width and x 180cms..
Ex Tax:£5.75
Freshwater Pearl Necklace - A pretty single strand necklace made from small freshwater pearls.Freshwater pearls are so pretty and reasonably priced and are a pleasure to wear on any occasion.A short necklace of an extended length of approximately 44cms.Supplied in a presentation box...
£10.00 £12.99
Ex Tax:£10.00
Freshwater Pink Pearl Necklace - A delicate short necklace of four strands of pale pink Freshwater Pearls.Freshwater Pearls are a pleasure to wear and being reasonably priced can be worn on every occasion.This pretty necklace is approximately 40cms in length. The necklace is supplied in a ..
£11.00 £14.25
Ex Tax:£11.00
Gold & Silver Plated Metal Hollow Pear Drop Necklace - a distinctive necklace composed of a pear shaped metal form, which has been gold plated, with two silver plated tubes on a leather cord.The necklace has an adjustable chain at the clasp. ..
£9.00 £12.75
Ex Tax:£9.00
Point Metal Necklace - A dramatic metal necklace in the form of a range of separate metal bars of increasing size, from the side to the centre, which are in gold colour with an overlay of black and are held by a chain. ..
£7.50 £12.50
Ex Tax:£7.50
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