Double Freshwater Pearl Necklace
An attractive long Double Freshwater Pearl Necklace with lovely pink lilac toned, barrel shaped..
Freshwater Pearl Line Necklace
Freshwater Pearl Line Necklace.Pearls are always lovely to wear and this is a very attractive long n..
Freshwater Pearl Necklace
A pretty single strand necklace made from small freshwater pearls.Freshwater pearls are so pretty an..
Freshwater Pink Pearls
A delicate short necklace of four strands of pale pink Freshwater Pearls.Freshwater Pearls are a ple..
Gold Plated Bracelet with Freshwater Pearls Amethysts
18k gold plated brass bracelet decorated with freshwater pearls and amethysts.Setting of bracelet: B..
Green Amethyst Pearl Silver Bracelet
A dramatically beautiful large Green Amethyst & Pearl Silver Bracelet.The shape of this bra..
Long Drop Silver & Pearl Earrings
Elegant long drop Silver and Pearl earrings.The earrings have 2 pearls - a round one at the top of t..
Silver Freshwater Pearl Pendant
An attractive sterling silver pendant plated with pure silver and decorated with three freshwater pe..
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