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Blur Large Multi-colour Scarf by Quintessential - A lovely richly coloured large tasselled scarf which is has a unique hand drawn design created with watercolours.A gorgeous scarf with multi colours of rich yellows, green, soft and inky blue, and red, finished with yellow tassels.Material of sc..
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Bronze Feather Pendant - A beautifully designed Feather Pendant by Aurum, which is fashioned in bronze.This pendant is in the form of 2 concave feathers interlinked to give an elliptical form, with a long bronze chain.Being made from bronze, the delicate lines, curves and spacing of the feather desi..
Ex Tax:£133.00
Brown Animal Print Cashmere & Wool Scarf - A large, thick and beautifully warm Brown Animal Print Scarf in wool and cashmere, which is finished with fringed ends.The scarf, which has a caramel brown base with a dark brown 'animal' overprint, is very elegant to wear. It is also large enough to be..
Ex Tax:£23.50
Brand: Saccoo
Brown Leather Shoulder Bag - This is an entirely hand-made leather shoulder bag by Saccoo of Amsterdam.This beautifully made leather bag has a long, adjustable leather strap and a zipped pocket at the back.Inside it is fully lined with a cotton poly lining in a gold-beige colour and is very well org..
Ex Tax:£99.00
Distinctive and bold long drop brushed gold and silver plated earrings.The earrings are in the form of two decorated convex circles, the upper silver plated, the lower, gold-plated...
Ex Tax:£9.00
Attractive brushed gold and silver plated hook earrings in the form of an outer silver ring with an inner gold tree design, both of which move independently...
Ex Tax:£10.25
Burgundy Dark Blue Black Giant Wave Scarf - A heavier weight, large, warm yet soft scarf for winter days.Being long, there is plenty of scarf to wrap around and snuggle into on those chilly days.The scarf has a contrasting chevron design of burgundy, dark blue and black.The scarves are approxim..
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Butterflies Silk Scarf, Navy - pure silk scarf overlaid with a butterfly design with magenta, purple and turquoise tones.These large silk scarves are very lovely, they are soft and have rich colours.They can be tied in many attractive ways and make a beautiful addition to any outfit.Material of..
Ex Tax:£38.00
Caramel Wool Scarf with Pompoms - A lovely soft Wool Scarf in a warm caramel colour with Pompoms.The scarf is finished with attractive fluffy rabbit fur pompoms.This lovely warm scarf is approximately 72cms in width and 190cms in length, excluding the pompoms.The same style of scarf is available in ..
Ex Tax:£28.99
Cashmere Floral Scarf -  A long pure cashmere wool, handmade, scarf digitally printed with a colourful floral design, which is finished with a fringe.This cashmere scarf would be lovely to wear as either a scarf or a shawl and will bring an attractive flash of colour to any outfit.This cashmere..
Ex Tax:£49.99
Cashmere Scarf in Baby Pink - A lovely soft, pure cashmere scarf in a pretty pale pink, which is finished with a fringe.Material of scarf: 100% cashmereSize of scarf: approx. 30cms x 168cmsMade in Inner Mongolia..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Cashmere Scarf, Red - a narrow pure cashmere scarf or muffler, finished with tassels. A warm scarf in a rich crimson red handmade from cashmere wool in Nepal.Material of Scarf: 100% CashmereApprox. Size of Scarf:  Width: 12"; Length: 60"Dry Clean Only...
Ex Tax:£27.00
Cashmere, Silk Scarf - Mustard.  A long fine cashmere wool and silk mix scarf, which is finished with a fringe.This long, soft scarf is in an attractive shade of a pale mustard yellow. Beautiful to wear as a scarf or shawl.This cashmere, silk scarf was handmade in Nepal.Material of scarf: 70% C..
Ex Tax:£32.50
Cashmere, Silk Scarf - Lilac.  A long fine cashmere wool and silk mix scarf, which is finished with a fringe.This long, soft scarf is in an attractive shade of a pale mustard yellow. Beautiful to wear as a scarf or shawl.This cashmere, silk scarf was handmade in Nepal.Material of scarf: 70% Cas..
Ex Tax:£32.50
Celtic Design Sterling Silver Bracelet - A simple but very pretty, small Sterling Silver bracelet with a Celtic design at the clasp.The bracelet is Sterling Silver with a 925 HallmarkThe width of the Bracelet is 28 mmHeight: 52 x 61 mm..
Ex Tax:£21.50
Sterling silver strands intertwine in an open weave Celtic design in these delicate circular hook earrings.The earrings hang from a a small silver ball at the end of the ear hook so move independently with the movement of the wearer.Material of earrings: Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver.Each earring h..
Ex Tax:£17.99
Celtic Silver & Black Onyx Pendant - this lovely Sterling Silver pendant has a simplicity of design, which in a Celtic style, draws attention to the true beauty of the oval Black Onyx stone.Made in the Orkney Islands by Ortak. There are matching Black Onyx earrings.Dimensions of necklace: 17 x 4..
Ex Tax:£89.00
An unusual, chunky necklace composed of many tube shaped blue glass beads with dipped gold coloured ends.On one side of the necklace the sapphire blue coloured beads are clear, on the other, overlapping, side the beads are opaque.The metal used on the necklace: ZincThe necklace is beaded With: Colou..
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Brand: York Scarves
Chunky Winter Scarf - This colourful chunky, textured scarf is handmade from a BAFTS registered fair trade supplier.The scarf has rich tones of red, purple, dark peacock blue and green and is finished with a fringe.Material of Scarf: 100% ViscoseSize of Scarf: 160cms x 50cmsWeight of scarf: 110gms..
Ex Tax:£13.95
Circular Silver Earrings with Tree Design - silver earrings on which little silver balls at the end of the ear hook hang a silver circle holding a tree design in a soft, curving, organic form.This popular design is reminiscent of the 'Tree of Life' design.These circular sterling silver hallmark..
Ex Tax:£16.75
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