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Hola-Fortuner, Indonesia Producer of Silver Jewellery & Gemstones

Silver Intertwined Celtic Earrings - These attractive sterling silver triple intertwined earrings are in a Celtic design.Material of Earrings: Sterling SilverWidth of Earing: 16 mmHeight of Earrings: 29 mm..
Ex Tax:£14.00
Silver Multi Flower Hook Earrings  - a cluster of 4 delicate, pretty daisy like silver flowers fall from these hook earrings.The earrings are plated with pure silver with a matt look. Simple, delicate and lovely earrings.Material of Earrings: Sterling SilverEarring Type: HookSize of Earring: wi..
Ex Tax:£19.75
Silver Pendant with Pear & Round Cut Cubic Zirconia - Attractive Sterling Silver Pendant decorated with CZ, (Cubic Zirconia) in pear and round forms.Material of Pendant: Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating. Width of Pendant: 12mm. Height: 33.5mmThe pendant is supplied with a..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Silver Tree Pendant - A circular sterling silver Pendant enclosing a design in the form of a tree, like the Tree of Life.An 18" sterling silver chain is supplied with the pendant.Material of pendant: 925 Sterling SilverDesign of pendant: Tree of LifeWidth of pendant: 32mmHeight of pendant: 43mm..
Ex Tax:£21.50
Small Sterling Silver Leaf Earrings - Small sterling silver hook earrings which are made in the form of a leaf.From the small silver ball at the hook of the ear falls a chain link holding a maple like, 5 section, leaf.Material of earrings: Sterling SilverEarring Type: HookSize of Earring: Width..
Ex Tax:£11.99
Small Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings - Petite sterling silver Tree of life design, push-back earrings.These small sterling silver earrings are circular in outline and contain an open tree design.Material of earrings: sterling silver.Earring Type: Push-backDiameter of earring: 9mm..
Ex Tax:£9.99
Spiral Silver Hook Earrings - These are elegant sterling silver drop earrings, which are designed in the form of a long spiral.A long strand of silver is curved around in an anti-clockwise direction to form a shape similar to an elegant opened spring.Metal of earrings: Sterling SilverSize of earring..
Ex Tax:£12.50
Sterling Silver Black Raindrop Pendant - A pendant fashioned in Sterling Silver set with Reconstructed Stones and Black Resin. Supplied with an 18" Sterling Silver chain.Width: 17mm.  Height:  35mm.  Front and back views of the Pendant are illustrated..
Ex Tax:£17.00
Sterling Silver Celtic Push-Back Earrings - Small sterling silver push-back earrings in the form of trees. The top, or canopy, of the tree is interwoven in a celtic form.Material of earrings: sterling silverDesign of Earring: CelticEarring Type: Push-backSize of earrings:   Width: 10m..
Ex Tax:£11.99
Sterling Silver Flower Pendant Freshwater Pearl Shell - An unusual and distinctive pendant, which is made from sterling silver, freshwater pearl and a colourful shell which shines attractively with blue, green and pink tones.Overlaying the convex front of the shell is a design of flowers a..
Ex Tax:£36.00
Sterling Silver Post CZ Earrings - Elegant long sterling silver post earrings decorated with 8 cubic zirconia (CZ) stones.Material of earrings: 925 sterling silverPlating on Earrings: Rhodium Earring Type: Post, Push-back.Width of Earring: 9mm    Height of Earring: 43mm ..
Ex Tax:£11.25
Sterling Silver Raindrop Earrings - Long sterling silver raindrop, hook, earrings.These hook earrings have a convex, slightly curved form, which fall elegantly from the ear. An attractive hook earring for everyday use.Material of Earring: Sterling silverSize of Earrings: Width: 11mm. Length: 55..
Ex Tax:£16.50
Sterling Silver Shell Pendant - this is an elegant long sterling silver pendant with a circle design and in a curved form, set with creamy coloured shell and held by a silver chain.Fashioned In sterling silver, this pendant is in the form of 9 interlinking circles of differing sizes, four of which a..
Ex Tax:£45.99
Sterling Silver Pendant Decorated with a Pear-shaped Smoky Quartz.This Sterling Silver Pendant pendant is plated with Rhodium for tarnish resistance.Width of pendant: 7mm.Height of pendant: 18mm    The pendant is supplied with an 18" Sterling Silver necklace...
Ex Tax:£17.25
Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Glass Pendant - A pretty pendant in Sterling Silver with Swarovski Crystal Glass, which is held by a closely linked sterling silver chain.The pendant is decorated with small CZ (Cubic Zirconia) and finished with Swarovski Crystal Glass faceted stone in the colo..
Ex Tax:£27.50
Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant -  In this pendant, which is crafted in sterling silver, a circle encloses an attractive tree design in the Tree of Life form.An 18" sterling silver chain is supplied with the pendant.Material of pendant:  925 Sterling SilverDesign of pendant: ..
Ex Tax:£20.50
Sterling Silver Raindrop Pendant - this pendant is set with Reconstructed Stones and Turquoise Coloured Resin.Size of Pendant:  Width: 17mm.  Height:  35mm.  Front and back views of the Pendant shown. The same style of pendant is also available in black.The pendant is s..
Ex Tax:£16.00
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