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Hola-Fortuner, Indonesia Producer of Silver Jewellery & Gemstones

Garnet & 18k Gold Plated Necklace - a pretty and delicate 18k gold plated necklace in the design of a small leafed bough, set with 8 garnets, which is held by a chain.Width : 26 mm Height: 33 mmThe necklace is made of 18k Yellow Gold, 0.5 Micron plated, brassThe gemstones used in the design of t..
Ex Tax:£25.00
Ten circular garnets of differing sizes, surrounded by decoratively ridged silver, with rhodium, fall as a cluster to form this pretty pendant.The pendant is held by a sterling silver chain.Material: 925 Sterling SilverDecorated with: GarnetsSize of pendant: Width: 11mm & Height: 38mmSetting Typ..
Ex Tax:£29.99
Garnet, Freshwater Pearl Earrings - Pretty double drop, Sterling Silver hook earrings with a Garnet and Freshwater Pearl.The silver hook has a silver link attachment to a garnet set in silver, attached to which are silver links to a larger freshwater pearl.Being so linked the stones move freely..
Ex Tax:£19.99
An elegant necklace made from 3 gold plated strands of differing lengths and decorated with attractive purple Amethysts.The 3 chains of the necklace are joined to a single Amethyst at each side of the neck.  From this Amethyst the chains are then separated to fall at different lengths, eac..
£34.00 £37.00
Ex Tax:£34.00
Gold Plated 3 Strand Necklace with Lapis Lazuli - an elegant necklace made from 3 gold plated strands of differing lengths and decorated with dark blue Lapis Lazuli.The 3 chains of the necklace are joined to a single Lapis Lazuli stone at each side of the neck.From these stones the chains are then s..
£32.00 £35.00
Ex Tax:£32.00
Gold Plated Bangles with Purple Stone -  Double 18k gold plated brass bangles one of which is set with a faceted purple stone.One of the bangles is slightly thicker than the other and has an attractive, hammered style, texture.The second, which is very slightly narrower and slightly less textur..
Ex Tax:£17.50
Gold Plated Bracelet with Amethyst Moonstone Quartz  - A lovely 18k Gold Plated Brass Bracelet with an Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone & Rose Quartz.The bracelet is in the form of an open weave bangle with a central cluster of 2 oval Rose Quartz stones to the centre, either side of which a..
Ex Tax:£37.50
18k Gold Plated Brass Bracelet with Lab-Created Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Lolite, Peridot and Blue Topaz.The Gold Plated Brass bracelet has double link chains between the 12 faceted stones, which are oval, circular and square.The bracelet is finished with a gold plated chain and claw clasp.The sett..
Ex Tax:£36.75
Gold Plated Bracelet with Freshwater Pearls Amethysts - An 18k gold plated brass bracelet decorated with freshwater pearls and amethysts.Setting of bracelet: Bezel.Width of bracelet: 9.50mm.Length of bracelet: 18.75cm (7.52), expanding to 21.25cm (8.5")..
Ex Tax:£38.75
Gold Plated Bracelet with Moonstone, Smoky Quartz - An 18K Yellow Gold Plated Bracelet, decorated with a Rainbow Moonstone & Smoky Quartz.The bracelet chain is decorated with a large opaque Rainbow Moonstone, which reflects a pretty blue / lilac light, and a small reddish brown Smoky Quartz ston..
Ex Tax:£18.99
Gold Plated Necklace with Labradorite Stones - A pretty gold plated necklace with natural labradorite stones.The same style of necklace is available set with rainbow quartz stones...
Ex Tax:£17.75
A pretty gold plated necklace with rainbow quartz stones.The same style of necklace is available set with natural labradorite stones...
Ex Tax:£17.75
Gold Plated Semi-precious Gemstone Bracelet - An attractive 18k Gold Plated Brass Bracelet decorated with Amethyst  Rose Quartz (Semi-Gemstone) and Lab-created light sky-blue Chalcedony.Width: 12mm. Diameter: 66mmStones used in Necklace: Gemstone: Amethyst; Semi-Gemstone: Rose Quartz ..
Ex Tax:£22.25
Green Amethyst Silver Bracelet - A sterling silver bracelet decorated with 10 gorgeous soft Green Amethysts.The faceted amethysts held in sterling silver are joined by silver chain. The bracelet is closed by a silver claw clasp.Lovely sterling silver bracelets, with slightly smaller stones and ..
Ex Tax:£48.00
Green Amethyst Silver Hook Earrings - Attractive sterling silver hook earrings set with lovely soft green amethysts.The silver mounts, which hang from the silver hooks at the ear, hold faceted pale green amethyst stones which glint very attractively in the light.Material of Earrings: Sterling Silver..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Green Onyx Silver Bracelet - A delicate sterling silver bracelet set with smooth green onyx stones.Silver chain links separate the oval green onyx stones set in silver in this bracelet, which is closed by a claw clasp.Gemstone used in the bracelet: Green OnyxMaterial of Bracelet: 925 Hallmarked..
Ex Tax:£33.50
A chunky interlinking sterling silver bracelet with a claw clasp.Metal of bracelet: 925 Sterling SilverBracelet Width: 6mm..
Ex Tax:£29.99
A very pretty and delicate closely interlinking sterling silver bracelet with tiny balls and extendable chain with clasp.Material of Bracelet: 925 Sterling SilverWidth of Bracelet: 6mm.Bracelet Length: 16.25 cm (6.5") expanding to 20cm (8")..
Ex Tax:£38.00
Intertwined Silver Long Drop Earrings - These earrings, which are in sterling silver with pure silver plating, are made in a curling intertwined design, which look almost like little silver catkins.The earrings are finished at the top and at the bottom with little silver balls.Metal of earrings..
Ex Tax:£12.99
A delicately intertwined sterling silver bracelet. The bracelet is in the form of 7 large open curved silver scrolls, which are joined one to another by 3 silver chain links. The bracelet has a sterling silver clasp.Material of Bracelet: 925 Sterling SilverThe bracelet is 6mm. in width and 18.75cm (..
Ex Tax:£18.75
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