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Amber & Brown Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Necklace.Intertwined cords on this necklace open to 8 separate strands.Different sizes of freshwater pearls, dyed to ambers, soft yellow/orange and green, interspersed with small, shining, amber / brown crystal glass beads.The necklace length is: 80cm..
Amethyst Gold Plated Bracelet - A lovely and delicate Amethyst Gold Plated Bracelet.Four 18k Gold plated strands set with tiny Amethysts and one larger purple amethyst at the clasp, form this bracelet.Each of the strands of the bracelet is composed of tiny Amethysts between which are ..
Amethyst Gold Plated Drop Earrings - These are attractive 18k Gold Plated Brass Earrings with five lozenge shaped purple Amethysts.Attached to the post of the earring, while the other 4 Amethysts move independently, reflecting the light.The setting of the earring is: Bezel, The earring type is: Post..
Amethyst Hook Gold Plated Hook Earring - From the hook at the ear a fine chain, holding 4 small amethysts, fall to a large, faceted, darker purple Amethyst.The earrings are made of 18k yellow gold plated brass in a Frame Setting.Earring Type: HookGemstones on Earrings: AmethystsThe width of each ear..
Gold plated long drop stud earrings set with 6 pear shaped purple Amethysts. Material of Earrings: Brass with 0.5 Micron 18k Yellow GoldStyle of Earring: Push-backSize of Earrings: Width: 17 mm; Height: 62 mm..
Amethyst Silver Chain Bracelet - A lovely, delicate Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet decorated with 11 pretty Purple Amethysts.Silver chain links separate oval purple amethysts set in silver and the bracelet closes with a claw clasp. This is one of range of light silver and gemstone bracelets from KIE..
Amethyst & Silver Chain hook earrings in the form of two a fine silver chains decorated with little pear shaped Amethysts.These pretty earrings are a prefect match for the Silver necklace decorated with pear shaped Amethysts.Silver hallmark: 925Width of Earrings: 6mmEarring Height: 57mm..
Amethyst Sterling Silver Necklace - A Sterling Silver Chain Necklace set with 11 pear shaped Amethysts.Material of Necklace: Sterling SilverStones set into Necklace: Purple AmethystsNecklace Length: 42.50cms (17"). Width of Necklace: 15mm. Hallmark: 925...
Black & Gold Glass Crystal Necklace - a dramatic chunky Necklace set with Black & Gold Glass Crystal beads.The four strands of the necklace are composed of small faceted black glass beads changing to larger, petal shape black glass, with gold coloured edging, interspersed with smal..
£16.00 £29.00
Black Silver Gold Seed Bead Necklace - A twelve stranded Necklace strung with shining silver, gold and black coloured seed beads.Necklace Length: 47.5cms (19") expanding to 55 cms (22")Material: Brass Clasp & ChainNecklace strung with: black and gold Seed Beads..
Celtic Design Sterling Silver Bracelet - A simple but very pretty, small Sterling Silver bracelet with a Celtic design at the clasp.The bracelet is Sterling Silver with a 925 HallmarkThe width of the Bracelet is 28 mmHeight: 52 x 61 mm..
Sterling silver strands intertwine in an open weave Celtic design in these delicate circular hook earrings.The earrings hang from a a small silver ball at the end of the ear hook so move independently with the movement of the wearer.Material of earrings: Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver.Each earring h..
An unusual, chunky necklace composed of many tube shaped blue glass beads with dipped gold coloured ends.On one side of the necklace the sapphire blue coloured beads are clear, on the other, overlapping, side the beads are opaque.The metal used on the necklace: ZincThe necklace is beaded With: Colou..
£12.00 £22.00
Circular Silver Earrings with Tree Design - silver hook earrings on which little silver balls at the end of the ear hook hang a silver circle holding a tree design in a soft, curving, organic form.This popular design is reminiscent of the 'Tree of Life' design.These circular sterling silver hal..
Curved Sterling Silver Leaf Stud Earrings - Attractive gently curved sterling silver leaf push-back earrings.The earrings are in a gently curving form of a small branch of 7 little leaves.Material of Earrings: 925 Sterling SilverHallmark: 925Earring Type: Stud, Push-backSize of Earring: Width: ..
Daisy Pendant in Sterling Silver - A pretty pendant composed of sterling silver wires curled into a double set of petals, with a central set of 7 tiny ball stamens, formed as a daisy-like flower.The pendant is supplied with a 50cms sterling silver chain.Material of Pendant: 925 Hallmarked Sterl..
An attractive long Double Freshwater Pearl Necklace with lovely pink lilac toned, barrel shaped, Freshwater Pearls, which can be worn long as a single strand or shorter double.A freshwater pearl necklace is so lovely to wear and is really rather special.Necklace Length: 115cms. (46")Pearl Width: 9 -..
Dragonfly Sterling Silver Hook Earrings - delicate, filigreed, silver earrings  in the shape of dragonflies.Material of earrings: sterling silverWidth of earrings: 22mm. Height: 37mm.Hallmark on earrings: 925..
Freshwater Pearl Crystal Glass Four Strand Necklace - A chunky, but elegant 4 strand necklace made of freshwater pearls and clear crystal glass beads.The clear crystal beads change to pretty creamy white freshwater pearls which, having a natural sheen, delicately reflect colours. The individual..
Garnet & 18k Gold Plated Necklace - a pretty and delicate 18k gold plated necklace in the design of a small leafed bough, set with 8 garnets, which is held by a chain.Width : 26 mm Height: 33 mmThe necklace is made of 18k Yellow Gold, 0.5 Micron plated, brassThe gemstones used in the design of t..
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