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An attractive rich red leather bag with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Made in Italy by Vera Pelle.

The two sides of the strap are attached to the bag by silver coloured metal rings.

At each side of the bottom of the bag there is an overlap of red leather through which is slotted a belt like section of red leather, which is finished with small metal buckles.  

At the back of this shoulder bag is a black lined zip pocket.  Inside the bag, which is lined with a black material, is a zipped central pocket made from this material.  Also inside, towards the front of the bag is a raw red leather pocket, at the back is another zipped pocket.  

The bag curves very slightly at the top of the sides so that it is approximately 29.5cms in width at the top, and 30cms at the bottom.

Similarly, at the top of the bag, is a curve which makes the height at the sides approx. 22cms. and the centre of the curve 20cms.

The width of the bottom of the bag, that is from front to back, is approx.  9cms. 

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