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Silver earrings, amethysts, gold plated, freshwater pearls, moonstones, garnets, aquamarine & druzy, labradorite, gemstones.

Stunning designs by "Banyan Jewellery", and the exquisite Icelandic Jewellery by "Aurum".

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Attractive, elegant sterling silver stud earrings set with black spinel. These textured silver strands move into a curl before thickening to a circular end at the ear, which is set with a black spinel. The earrings are from the new Sindur collection from Aurum. Of Sindur Aurum writes: "Sindur c..
Pretty Silver Tourmaline Quartz Earrings.In the form of a slightly curved oval shape, in the inner corner of which, in a silver support, is a dark tourmaline quartz stone."Nanook is delicate - light but strong, inspired by the Greenlandic polar bears and their paws. It evokes the movement of the bea..
An elegant silver stud earring in the form similar to a Swan's wing.Designed and made by Aurum with the inspiration of the Swan, delicately traced sections overlap and curve.Size of Earring: approx. 2.4cms in depth x 1cm at its widestMaterial: 925 Silver"The shapes of the Swan are aristocratic,..
Small sterling silver hook earrings in the form of a leaf. From the small silver ball at the hook of the ear falls a chain link holding a maple like, 5 section leaf .Material of earrings: Sterling SilverHallmark: 925Earring Type: HookSize of Earring:  Width: 16mm    Height: 29mm..
Petite sterling silver Tree of life design push-back earrings.These small sterling silver earrings are circular in outline and contain an open tree design.  Material of earrings: sterling silver.Earring Type: Push-backHallmark: 925Diameter of earring: 9mm..
Long hook earrings in an organic design, set with a teardrop shaped faceted Smoky Quartz and a circular faceted Citrine. Flowing down from the top of the earrings is gold fill detail by Banyan.Material of earrings: Sterling Silver with 14k gold plating detailGemstones used in earrings: smoky quartz ..
Elegant sterling silver spiral long drop earrings.A long strand of silver is curved around in an anti-clockwise direction to form a shape similar to an elegant opened spring.Metal of earrings: Sterling Silver,  925 Hallmark.Size of earrings: Width: 13mm; Height: 45mm..
Small sterling silver push-back earrings in the form of trees. The top, or canopy, of the tree is interwoven in a celtic form.Materila of earrings: sterling silverProduct design: CelticHallmark: 925Earring Type: Push-backSize of earrings:   Width: 10mm    Height of earrings: 10mm..
Sterling silver post, push-back, earrings with an embossed design.Metal of earrings: sterling silverWidth of earring: 11mm.   Height of earring: 17mm.Hallmark: 925..
Long sterling silver raindrop earrings.This hook earrings have a convex, slightly curved form, which fall elegantly from the ear.  An attractive earring for everyday use.Material of earring: Sterling silverSize of earrings: Width:  11mm.   Length:  55mm.  Hallmark:..
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