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Silver earrings, amethysts, gold plated, freshwater pearls, moonstones, garnets, aquamarine & druzy, labradorite, gemstones.

Stunning designs by "Banyan Jewellery", and the exquisite Icelandic Jewellery by "Aurum".

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Brushed Gold Drop Flower Earrings Brushed Gold Drop Flower Earrings
2-3 Days
Brand: White Leaf
Delicate gold plated drop earrings in a flower design with a brushed finish.These light hook earrings are very slightly curved and, hanging with 5 little open flowers of differing sizes falling from the little hook by the ear, they move prettily with you, reflecting the light.Material of the earring..
Brushed Gold Silver Plated Tree Earrings
-22 %
Attractive brushed gold and silver plated hook earrings in the form of an outer silver ring with an inner gold tree design, both of which move independently...
£8.00 £10.25
Celtic Design Sterling Silver Hook Earrings Celtic Design Sterling Silver Hook Earrings
2-3 Days
Sterling silver strands intertwine in an open weave Celtic design in these delicate circular hook earrings. The earrings hang from a a small silver ball at the end of the ear hook so move independently with the movement of the wearer.  Material of earrings: Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver.E..
Silver Earrings with Tree Design. The little silver ball at the end of the ear hook hangs a silver circle holding a tree design in a soft, curving, organic form.This popular design is reminiscent of the 'Tree of Life' design. These circular sterling silver hallmarked hook earrings have pur..
Attractive gently curved sterling silver leaf push-back earrings.The earrings are in a gently curving form of a small branch of 7 little leaves.Material of Earrings: 925 Sterling SilverHallmark: 925Earring Type: Push-backSize of Earring:  Width: 9mm;   Height: 14mm..
Dragonfly Sterling Silver Hook Earrings delicate silver earrings filigreed in the shape of dragonflies. Material of earrings: sterling silverWidth of earrings: 22mm.   Height: 37mm.  Hallmark on earrings: 925...
Brand: Banyan
These silver hook earrings are a lovely cascade of five different gemstones. The various sized faceted circular stones, which fall prettily from the ear in a curving line, are a Purple Amethyst, a green Peridot, Blue Topaz, yellow Citrine and, the smallest, a blue Iolite.Designed by, Banyan.Mat..
Flower drop Earrings in Silver.Large flower earrings composed of sterling silver wire formed into a 10 pear drop shaped 'petals'. The outer 5 petals are flat, while the upper 5 curve upwards to surround a central group of 7 tiny ball 'stamens' at the centre of the flower. The earrings are suspe..
Delicate Flower Silver Hook Earrings designed in the form of four small 5 petaled flowers.Made from sterling silver, these earrings are plated with pure silver which has been given a matt-look.The earrings are made from 925 Hallmarked Sterling SilverPlating of the earrings: Pure Silver (Matt Lo..
Pretty double drop, Sterling Silver hook earrings with a Garnet and Freshwater Pearl.The silver hook has a silver link attachment to a garnet set in silver, attached to which are silver links to a larger freshwater pearl.Being so linked the stones move freely and independently as you move.The w..
Brand: White Leaf
Delicately veined gold plated drop hook earrings in a leaf design with Czech crystal detailing.Materials used in earrings: Gold plating on base metal set with Czech crystal...
Brand: White Leaf
Unusual gold plated drop earrings in a panther design.Material of earrings: gold plating on base metalHook fitting. ..
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