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Women's Stylish Earrings with Gemstones.

Silver Long Drop Earrings, Silver Hoop Earrings, Pretty Stud Earrings. Hook Earrings.

Silver earrings, amethysts, gold plated, freshwater pearls, moonstones, garnets, aquamarine & druzy, labradorite, .

Stunning Earring designs by "Banyan Jewellery".

Exquisite  Earrings by "Aurum Jewellery".

Claire Hartley designs jewellery for museums and galleries throughout the UK and Europe. These include exclusive collections for the National Gallery in London, The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Prado in Madrid and La Pedrera and Casa Batllo in Barcelona, as well as many others.

Banyan Jewellery are established designers of distinctive silver Earrings hand-crafted to high specifications. Take a tour in the Kiena Jewellery Collection to see the some of Banyan Range. Stunning - Look great today.

Claire Hartley designed jewellery, exquisite forms. 

Gold Plated Silver Raven Stud Earring - An attractive gold plated, silver stud earring from Aurum's Raven range of jewellery.Inspired by the majestic raven, the delicately lined 'feather' curves prettily over the ear.Size of earring: approx. 1.5cms in depth x 0.9cms at its widestMaterial: 925 Silver..
Ex Tax:£67.00
Green Amethyst Pearl Drop Silver Earrings - Elegant long, delicate, sterling silver hook earrings set with a green amethyst and freshwater pearl.The hook of the earring is finished by a curve with little silver ball from which hangs freely the delicate, organically curved earring, decorated with a d..
Ex Tax:£34.50
Green Amethyst Silver Hook Earrings - Attractive sterling silver hook earrings set with lovely soft green amethysts.The silver mounts, which hang from the silver hooks at the ear, hold faceted pale green amethyst stones which glint very attractively in the light.Material of Earrings: Sterling Silver..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Green Amethyst Teardrop Earrings - Pretty, delicate Silver Hook Earrings with pale Green Amethyst stones.The light attractively passes through these teardrops of faceted Green Amethyst stones, which are framed by silver.The earrings have a drop of 2cms. The length & width - at its greatest,..
Ex Tax:£17.75
Intertwined Silver Long Drop Earrings - These earrings, which are in sterling silver with pure silver plating, are made in a curling intertwined design, which look almost like little silver catkins.The earrings are finished at the top and at the bottom with little silver balls.Metal of earrings..
Ex Tax:£12.99
KOLGA Silver Gold Plated Earrings - Distinctive silver stud earrings with 18k gold plating from the 'KOLGA' jewellery Collection from Aurum of Iceland.From a shape reminiscent of an acorn, grow 6 irregular organic shapes, 3 to each side, which curve around the ear.Material of earrings: 925 silv..
Ex Tax:£103.00
Labradorite Gold Plated Drop Earrings -  Lovely 18k Gold Plated Brass Earrings with six pear shaped Labradorite Stones.The blue/green tones of the labradorites subtly and prettily change in the movement of light. Labradorite can display an iridescent optical effect in a play of colours kno..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Large Amethyst Hook Earrings - Lovely large, dramatic, Amethyst Hook Earrings are held in an 18k gold plated setting.Setting Type: Frame SettingGemStones: AmethystMetal: BrassPlating on earrings: 18k yellow goldEarring Type: HookWidth: 26mm Height: 50mm..
Ex Tax:£43.00
Lemon Topaz Silver Earrings - Classic Lemon Topaz silver earrings, by Claire Hartley, designed in a simple style which is always in fashion and can be worn with any outfit at any time of the day.The lovely faceted lemon topaz stones, which look quite luxurious, are a golden yellow colour and glint v..
Ex Tax:£29.95
Long Drop Silver & Pearl Earrings - Elegant long drop Silver and Pearl earrings.The earrings have 2 pearls - a round one at the top of the earring, by the ear, and an oval shaped pearl at the end of a fine silver chain.Width of earring: 7mm   Height: 57mmMetal used in earrings: 925 Ste..
Ex Tax:£13.50
Long Drop Silver Earrings with Swarovski crystal pearls - Gorgeous long silver earrings from Aurum's Sand Collection set with 'crystal pearls' - cores of Swarovski, crystal covered with an innovative pearl coating.At the ear is a silver form which is like a little inverted textured basket ..
Ex Tax:£182.00
Long Drop Sterling Silver Earrings - These elegant long drop hook earrings were designed and made by Ortak in the Orkney Islands. The earrings are in the form of 2 open polished silver filigree twirls, one smaller than the other, and connected by silver links - they are distinctive an..
Ex Tax:£58.00
Attractive Long Drop Sterling Silver Hook Earrings designed in the form of slightly curved leaves.Material of Earrings: 925 Sterling SilverWidth of earring: 15mmHeight: 52mm..
Ex Tax:£15.50
Long silver shell hook earrings - long silver earrings decorated with creamy white shells.From the hook at the ear a silver line links to a silver cap supporting a fine, almost circular, pretty cream white shell. Material of earrings: sterling silverSize of earrings: Width:  13mm. &nb..
Ex Tax:£17.00
Mixed Stone Silver Earrings
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Mixed Stone Silver Earrings - These eye catching, very pretty, designer earrings are set with faceted semi-precious stones in a silver setting. From the silver ear hook fall lovely faceted stones: a circular Purple Amethyst and Green Peridot, from which 3 teardrop shaped stones fall; an Iolite,..
Ex Tax:£31.95
Nanook Ice Silver Earrings - These elegant Silver Earrings fall in five different lengths, curving delicately from the ear and are part of the Nanook range of jewellery from Aurum of Iceland.The white silver strands, which curve away from the face, have a textured finish giving a pretty play of..
Ex Tax:£99.00
Opalite Silver Spiral Earrings - attractive contemporary textured silver earrings set with opalites.A swirl of silver enclosing glinting round blue, green opalites forms these pretty earrings.Material of earrings:  sterling silver.Style of earring: HookWidth of earring: 19mmDrop of earring: 35m..
Ex Tax:£38.00
Ornate Pearl Silver Hook Earrings - The inspiration for Banyan in the design of these attractive, ornate silver hook earrings, set with pearls, was the Art Deco period.  Curving silver strands, in the form of flower stems, fall from the link to the ear hook of the earring.Two of the s..
Ex Tax:£33.50
Oval Opalite Silver Hook Earrings - Very pretty small Opalite Silver Hook Earrings in which spirals of silver frame oval blue opalites, which shine with blue and green tones in the light.The earrings were designed by Banyan Jewellery of Devon and were made in the UK.Drop of earring: 25mmMateria..
Ex Tax:£29.99
Oxidised Silver Crystal Pearl Earrings - Attractive oxidised silver hook earrings from the Aurum 'SAND' range.  Suspended from the hook is a textured concave form, almost like a little inverted basket, fashioned from silver which has been oxidised which holds a white 'c..
Ex Tax:£54.00
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