18K Yellow Gold Plated Bracelet with Moonstone & Smoky Quartz
18K Yellow Gold Plated Brass Bracelet decorated with a Rainbow Moonstone & Smoky Quartz.The simp..
Amethyst & Silver Bracelet
A lovely, delicate Sterling Silver Bracelet decorated with 11 pretty Purple Amethysts.  Si..
Amethyst & Silver Celtic Bracelet
An attractive silver bracelet in a celtic design and set with an oval purple amethyst. The brac..
Amethyst Gold Plated Bracelet
A lovely and delicate 4 Strand 18k Gold Plated Brass Bracelet set with tiny Amethysts and one larger..
Aquamarine & Druzy Gold Plated Bangle
A 24k gold plated bangle with aquamarine and druzy stone detailing.The material of the bracelet is: ..
Blue Opalite & Silver Bangle
A lovely silver bangle set with 5 Blue Opalites.The bangle is in an organic, open weave, design whic..
Celtic Design Moonstone & Silver Bracelet
An attractive silver bracelet with a celtic design encircling a lovely rainbow moonstone. The b..
Celtic Design Sterling Silver Bracelet
A simple but very pretty, small Sterling Silver bracelet with a Celtic design at the clasp.The brace..
Crystal Stone Bracelet
A stunning silver plated bracelet with Channel set crystal stones.The bracelet is composed of 'V' sh..
Emerald Gold Plated Bracelet
A delicate 18k gold plated brass bracelet, set with numerous tiny green Emeralds and a large Emerald..
Garnet & Silver Bracelet
A lovely, delicate sterling silver bracelet with 12 red garnets which glint in the lightAlso availab..
Gold Plated Bangles with Purple Stone
Two complementary 18k gold plated brass bangles. One of the bangles is slightly thicker an..
Gold Plated Bracelet with Amethyst, Moonstone & Quartz
A lovely 18k Gold Plated Brass Bracelet with Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone & Rose Quartz.The brace..
Gold Plated Bracelet with Coloured Stones
18k Gold Plated Brass Bracelet with Lab-Created Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Lolite, Peridot and Blue ..
Gold Plated Bracelet with Freshwater Pearls & Amethysts
18k gold plated brass bracelet decorated with freshwater pearls and amethysts.Setting of bracelet: B..
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