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Amethyst & Pearl Silver Hook Earrings - A very attractive flowing Amethyst & Pearl, Silver Necklace.Differing sizes of silver threads fall, with goldfill detail, to end as droplets.Upon this organic weave of silver strands are set one large and two smaller round pearls, two circular green am..
Ex Tax:£40.75
Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Ruby CZ Silver Earrings - These earrings are a beautiful combination of three complementary stones, set in a silver organic design.A teardrop of faceted Purple Amethyst, a round Blue Topaz and Ruby CZ, are enclosed in a fluid silver setting, which falls from the hook at..
Ex Tax:£59.00
Amethyst Iolite CZ Silver Ring -  An attractive, organically designed silver ring set with a faceted Purple Amethyst, Iolite & CZ Silver Ring.The flowing silver setting is overlaid with curving 14k gold plated wire detail.Material of ring: sterling silver with 14k gold plating.Sto..
Ex Tax:£54.00
A lovely Amethyst Opalite Silver Ring by Banyan in Devon.This organic silver ring set with a soft blue Opalite of approximately 5mm in length. It shines with tints of greens, pinks and soft yellow, and a larger vibrant oval purple Amethyst of approx. 7mm in width.The ring is finished with 14k gold p..
Ex Tax:£48.99
Amethyst & Opalite Silver Swirl Ring -  An elegant silver ring decorated a faceted purple amethyst and a white opalite.The ring has a 'swirl' design at the centre of which is a teardrop of faceted purple amethyst and 14k goldplated detail.A little to the side of the amethyst is a round..
Ex Tax:£36.00
Amethyst, Garnet & Opalite Triple Banded Silver Ring - a triple banded plain sterling silver, multi-stone, ring.This silver ring opens from the back into three strands to support four round stones.  The first are two small circular Opalites, the paler one glinting with pink and green/blues;..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Amethyst, Topaz & Iolite Silver Pendant - Organically interwoven silver strands, with goldfill wire detail, form the shape of this pretty pendant on which are set Blue Topaz, Iolite and Purple Amethyst.Designed in the West of England by Banyan.The pendant is held by a silver chain.Drop of Pendan..
Ex Tax:£57.00
Black Pearl Solitaire Silver Ring - a silver ring set with a black freshwater pearl by Banyan.This delicate ring, which was designed and made in England, is designed from undulating silver with 14ct gold plating detail. At the centre of the ring, entwined by silver, is an attractive single black fre..
Ex Tax:£29.95
Blue Chalcedony White Howlite Beaded Silver Necklace - A sterling silver necklace set with striking Blue Chalcedony and White Howlite beads.To the front of the necklace are six lovely, blue veined Chalcedony beads separated by silver dividers - a larger one at the centre and small ball shaped forms ..
Ex Tax:£38.99
Blue Opalite Silver Bangle - A lovely Blue Opalite & Silver Bangle set with 5 Blue Opalites - designed in the UK by Banyan.The bangle is in an organic, open weave, design which is attached to a safety chain fastened with a fishlock clasp. Set into the silver is one larger and 4 smaller blue opal..
Ex Tax:£95.00
Blue Topaz & Amethyst Silver Ring - A striking silver ring set with an oval faceted purple Amethyst in width and a large oval faceted Blue Topaz.The ring is approximately 7mm in width.The strands of silver which give a fluid setting to the ring are interlinked at the front with 14K gold pla..
Ex Tax:£50.25
Blue Topaz Moonstone Silver Pendant - A silver pendant with a Blue Topaz and Moonstone with goldfill detail.This pendant, which is in the organic style of design typical of Banyan, is set with an attractive lozenge shaped blue topaz and a circular moonstone. It is finished with goldfill detail ..
Ex Tax:£52.00
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