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Aurum Jewellery

Delicate Gold Plated Silver Raven Hook Earrings,  gold plated, silver  earrings which are in the form of a feather and part of the Raven Collection.The earrings have the delicate tracery and natural spacing of a Raven's feather. Made from sterling silver, they have then been plated with go..
An attractive gold plated, silver stud earring from Aurum's Raven range of jewellery.Inspired by the majestic raven, the delicately lined 'feather' curves prettily over the ear.Size of earring: approx. 1.5cms in depth x 0.9cms at its widest Material: 925 Silver, with gold plating..
An elegant Gold Plated Silver Sand Bracelet from the new Aurum 'Sand' Collection,The  textured beauty of the Icelandic landscape is the inspiration for this range. At each end of this curved silver bangle of this bracelet is an attractive textured 'cup' holding a smooth pearl... ..
Gold Plated Silver Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace - An elegant Gold Plated Silver Necklace with a Swarovski Crystal Pearl.The chain holds a textured concave form, almost like a little inverted basket, which holds a 'crystal pearl'. The SAND range features Swarovski, 'crystal pearls', which ar..
Interlinked Oxidized Silver Tuttu Bracelet inspired by the hooves of the Greenlandic reindeer. This lovely bracelet by Aurum comes in silver and silver oxidized as illustrated. The bracelet has jointed sections of alternating elongated triangular forms. The textured finish gives an attractive inte..
Attractive silver hook earrings in the form of multi-petalled flowers with a central pearl. The petals are curved with polished silver edges, the centre of the petals are left matt, which creates an an attractive interplay of light."Isold embodies soft lines and circular shapes, creating dense, mult..
A very attractive hairpin in the form of a multi-petalled flower.  The layers of thick silver petals curve inward to enclose a creamy freshwater pearl.  This hairpin is one of the Isold Collection which "embodies soft lines and circular shapes, creating dense, multifaceted l..
Distinctive silver, gold plated, stud earrings from the new Aurum 'KOLGA' jewellery Collection.From a shape reminiscent of an acorn, grow 6 irregular organic shapes, 3 to each side, which curve around the ear.Material of earrings: 925 silver with gold plating Size: 2.2cms x 1.2cms..
Gorgeous Long Drop Silver Earrings with Swarovski crystal pearls -  Aurum 'SAND' range. At the ear is a silver form like a little inverted textured basket containing a crystal pearl, from which fall 6 concave textured silver shells containing crystal pearls, These 'shells' are co..
Elegant Nanook Ice Silver Earrings fall in five different lengths, curving delicately from the ear.The white silver strands, which curve away from the face, have a textured finish giving a pretty play of light.  "Nanook is delicate - light but strong, inspired by the Greenlandic polar..
An open weave gold plated silver bracelet from the Asterias Collection, with a design inspired by waves softly and rhythmically breaking on a beach in the West Fjords.An attractive bracelet which is lovely to wear.  It is available in silver, oxidised silver and gold plated silve..
An elegant bracelet in oxidised silver. Designed with inspiration from the majestic Swan by Aurum.At the centre of the simple, open, silver oxidised band which forms the bracelet, is wrapped delicate overlapping shapes emulating the elegant feathers or wings of the Swan.The Aurum designer,..
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