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Aurum Jewellery

A lovely silver necklace set with Swarovski crystal pearls from Aurum's SAND jewellery  range. Suspended from the silver chain is a circle holding 3 silver chains of differing lengths, each of which supports a decorated concave 'shell' holding a white crystal pearl. The Swarovski, cry..
Pretty Silver Tourmaline Quartz Earrings.In the form of a slightly curved oval shape, in the inner corner of which, in a silver support, is a dark tourmaline quartz stone."Nanook is delicate - light but strong, inspired by the Greenlandic polar bears and their paws. It evokes the movement of the bea..
An elegant silver stud earring in the form similar to a Swan's wing.Designed and made by Aurum with the inspiration of the Swan, delicately traced sections overlap and curve.Size of Earring: approx. 2.4cms in depth x 1cm at its widestMaterial: 925 Silver"The shapes of the Swan are aristocratic,..
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