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Aurum Jewellery

A very distinctive oxidised silver necklace set with Swarovski crystal pearls from Aurum's SAND jewellery  range. Suspended from the oxidised silver chain is a circle holding 3 oxidised silver chains of differing lengths.Each of these chains supports a decorated concave 'shell' holding a w..
A distinctive oxidised silver ring, which is part of the Swan Collection by Aurum, which is designed with inspiration from this majestic bird.The ring is in the form of overlapping shapes in the form of the Swan's elegant feathers.The Aurum designer, Guðbjörg, watching these majestic birds..
A black Swarovski crystal pearl is delicately supported by overlapping oxidised silver like small black waves to form these stud earrings. Attractive and distinctive, the earrings are part of the new Aurum KOLGA range.Swarovski, 'crystal pearls', are perfect replicas of real freshwater pearls set in..
A gorgeous silver bracelet from the Raven Collection by Aurum, which is in the form of interlinking feathers."Raven is majestic, with feathers that are soft as silk but which still exert a magnetic pull. He evokes curiosity and attracts attention, but is also finicky and slightly mysterious. Raven s..
A elegant Short Gold Plated Silver Swarovski Crystal Pearl Necklace.The chain holds a textured concave form, almost like a little inverted basket, which holds a 'crystal pearl'. The SAND range features Swarovski, 'crystal pearls', which are perfect replicas of real freshwater pearls set in silv..
Attractive Silver Crystal Black Pearl Earrings from the new Aurum 'SAND' range of jewellery. Suspended from the hook is a textured concave form, almost like a little inverted basket, which holds a black  'crystal pearl'.   The SAND range features Swarovski, 'c..
Distinctively designed small stud earrings. A silvery white crystal pearl is held by a little textured 'basket' from which a silver circle curves.The earrings are from the Sand Collection, the newest range of Aurum's jewellery.The SAND range features Swarovski, 'crystal..
These attractive silver earrings are from Cygnus range of Aurum    As you will see from the image, the form and design of these earrings is beautifully flattering.Size of earring:  1.0 x 3.2cmsMaterial:  925 Silver"The swan's gracefully arched neck has been the inspirat..
These attractive ear cuffs are made from sterling silver and are set with three small black spinel stones.The cuffs, which are in three sections, have a textured finish and are curved to finish with the three small black spinels.Material: 925 SilverGemstone: Black spinelStyle: CuffDimensions of cuff..
A lovely, elegant necklace from the Aurum Nanook range. Delicate strands of 'icicles' hang from a silver chain."The designs of the Nanook collection are light but strong, inspired by the Greenlandic polar bears and their paws. Evoking the bear's movement as she pads over the thin..
This attractive Silver Interlinked TUTTU Bracelet a design inspired by the hooves of the Greenlandic reindeer.Designed by Aurum Jewellery of Iceland.The bracelet has jointed sections of alternating elongated triangular forms, the textured finish of which makes an attractive interplay of li..
A fine ring on which a delicate design of movement, inspired by water and the Salmon, is based.A light ring designed in Iceland by Aurum as part of the Lax Collection, which is a pleasure to wear.Size:  H = 1.8 cm.  W = 0.9 cm.Material:  925 Silver  LAX C..
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