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The Food of Love, The Taste of Shakespeare in Four Seasons

Cookbook of Sixteenth Century Recipes brought up-to-date by Chef Alan Deegan with Shakespearean Textual References by Dr Alycia Smith-Howard.

There are no less than 2,000 culinary references in Shakespeare's plays and poems. This book gives a delicious selection of dishes adapted and updated for the contemporary kitchen from 16th Century English cookery books and recipe collections.. so you will be able to prepare modern versions of dishes and meals which William Shakespeare may have enjoyed some 400 years ago. It also has anecdotes and explanations from the Bard’s plays. 

Beautifully presented, "The Food of Love, the Taste of Shakespeare in Four Seasons" gives information on seasonal celebrations and foods including: soups, salads, fish, meat, desserts, bread and cheese and the culinary use of flowers and beverages. The book's explanations of culinary techniques and simple cooking methods will also bring more pleasure to kitchen tasks.

The Food of Love is a hardback, 160 page, full colour book with over 80 photographic images of recipes.

Book Designed and Published by Graficas.

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