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About Kiena Jewellery

At KIENA JEWELLERY - We source lovely items of jewellery and accessories to suit different styles and budgets.

We at Kiena Jewellery are always working to extend our range to include new, distinctive, innovative and beautifully designed silver jewellery and accessories. 

Kiena Jewellery accessories, we source fair trade items and products made from natural fibres and using natural dyes. 

Fair Trade, Hand Painted and Hand Woven Scarves and Pashminas are a fabulous new addition.

Banyan Jewellery produce some stunning silver designs available across a range of products from Kiena Jewellery.

You can see in our collections Hand made leather handbags by "Saccoo" and the exquisite Jewellery by "Aurum" - made and designed in Iceland which are inspired by the natural forms from the Icelandic countryside. 

Our name - Kiena Jewelley.

Did she exist? Well we would like to think that she did. KIENA is a rare medieval name. She would have been Saxon, born in the Kingdom of Wessex about 1045 AD. Her family would have been of chieftain stock, based around Wessex, with distant connections, by marriage, to the powerful "Godwinsons" line, so she would have known Edith, the wife of Edward the Confessor. A highly educated lady, Queen Edith was skilled in languages and the arts, including fine jewellery. As members of her family would have been  masters of the crafts, including gold work, KIENA was associated with fine jewellery. Doubtless she would have also been familiar with fine weaving and embroidery and probably, as others in her family, wore fashionable clothes. 

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