Karolina Bik - Designer Jewellery

Unique, handmade Jewellery from Poland 
Karolina Bik's Jewellery is "Created with Love and great attention to every detail. Karolina values precise craftsmanship, connecting modern technology with traditional techniques."
Being a qualified goldsmith Karolina sees her fine jewellery, which is nature-inspired, to be on the border between art and applied jewellery. Karolina's pieces are displayed in galleries and shops around the World.
Karolina believes that each piece of jewellery consists of three parts: elements - which is the materials; interconnections - the techniques and emotions involved; and the item of jewellery's function or purpose - that is: earring, ring etc. As Karolina explains:
For last few years I have been thinking about it. The interconnections are the most important. The copy of one object is never going to be the same because one can not copy the same emotions, imagination and motivation! This is what I apply in my works. I am giving you this third thing – Emotion, Story, Relation. It is not clearly visible at the first sight. This is where wearer has to see, feel, hear or experience it'.